Outrage over Supreme Court snub of settlement ceremony
Telem Yahav and Elisha Ben Kimon
Published: 27.09.17, 19:04
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1. Out with the old in with the new
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (09.27.17)
Either Israel builds or she stays stagnant and remember Israel MUST have homes to house Jews.

Affordable homes.
2. Move full speed ahead with Bennet/Shaked reform plans
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.27.17)
Something good will come from Chief Justice Naor's despicable conduct. She highlights all the reasons why the Supreme Court can't be allowed to continue as it is. Partisan leftist politics, by the likes of Naor, must no longer be tolerated in the Supreme Court. Polls show most Israelis agree. Time to move full speed ahead with Bennet and Shaked's plans for reform.
Riva Schertzman ,   Gush Etzion   (09.27.17)
Dear Judge Noar,
I am saddened that when the Torah teaches about the great kidussah of Eretz yisroel and how it is a gift and an inheritance to all of the Jewish people that our Supreme Court represents its own ideology and does not really have a connection with the Jewish people as a whole in Israel. How can a person like me from Gush Etzion ever again go to your court knowing that there is an inherent bias against me because of where I live. Your decision not to allow a representative to the Gush Etzion celebrations reveals a total lack of support and caring for ALL the citizens of Israel. Automatically, you are declaring that what everyone is doing by living in Gush Etzion, Judea, is wrong even though you know that is really not true. So many people here have served in the IDF, pay taxes and have such a spirit of love and loyalty for Israel that is hard to find in many other areas over the Green line. Not only is it the LAND you are insulting, but it is THESE VERY SPECIAL PEOPLE whom you are abandoning.
4. Person
Nibor ,   Upper galilee   (09.27.17)
We are still a democracy and the court is above petty politics and false patriotism. Ben Gurion said we must be a virtuous people and she is, thank God.
FO+ ,   Belgium   (09.27.17)
If Israeli Chief Justice Naor denies the obvious, namely Israel's rights in International Law as voted by the League of Nations and reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations' Charter, then we are confronted with a very serious problem; in fact a scandal! She should remember that the denial in the past by the Left, of the League of Nations Mandate, and their disowning of an Independent Jewish state offered by the League on the territory between the SEA AND THE JORDAN RIVER, INCLUDING THE GOLAN HEIGHTS, a decision that became International Law, had as result the Shoah! But Chief Justice Naor's Leftist Ideology prevails!
6. Her, you could’ve knocked me over with a feather...!
7. that when you empower the wrong people
Avram Goldsmith ,   Toronto -Kiriat Gat   (09.27.17)
For wrong cause.
Fueling self destruction and division among Israel people, mockery and making much easy for Israel enemy to fill up the media with antisemitism remarks and the rule is: Ahavta Reeha Camoha if not respect and sensitivity from within don't expect respect from outside world as this is a total disgrace.
The past problem of Israel : Leaders keep too long the chairs and keep the situation in same status in order not to loose it, and doesn't react on change or have the courage to lead to changes ( same old military pyramid)in society aspiration and goals and to remember the truth and justice is for each member of the society and not divided only for privileged group of power /influence( see Talmud for reference)
8. Anti Zionist judges are amongst Israels WORST enemies.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (09.27.17)
DISGUSTING !!!!!!!!!!!
9. And there shall finally be Judges in Jerusalem, Inshallah!
Delphi   (09.28.17)
10. Noar decision is a political decision, not a legal decision
C   (09.28.17)
the status of the territory referred to as the west bank has to be determined
by the government.
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