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UK’s Corbyn under fire amid Labour Nazi-Zionist comparison
Lior Mor
Published: 28.09.17, 09:32
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1. Peled again,,and ynet gave more than once platform to
ab   (09.28.17)
a member of this ugly family to spew her "progressive" views..
2. Look at that face, look at that Corbyn: this is the face of
Delphi   (09.28.17)
New Europe, Nueva Europa, or as we prefer to call it: Eurabia.
The stench is already spreading, the decay is in advanced beginning stage of the process....
Looks they cannot escape their destiny.
So cannot we.
3. I wonder does Corbyn call himself a Christian?
BBB   (09.28.17)
Would be the height of hypocrisy believing in a Jewish master Rabbi.
( although I doubt if Jesus were alive he'd claim this anti semitic ass.)
4. Remember "The sun never set on Britain?"
BBB   (09.28.17)
Well, that was before anti semitism destroyed the Brits and before the Muslims came into power.
5. This is the Left -
Ben ,   Harrisburg   (09.28.17)
Just face it my misguided liberal friends! This is the left, be it called Labour, Labor in Israel, Democrats in the US. There was always anti-antisemitism on the left. (The National Socialist Party of Germany - NAZIs being perhaps the greatest example.) The only difference now, is that it is becoming fashionable once again for these creeps to express their opinions, and sadly, more and more acceptable by so called main stream thought. The fact that these people are there is no surprise, the fact that thinking people belong to those parties still, is what is amazing. This is especially astounding among Jews. How much denial and self hate can one have to still belong to, and support these parties?
6. Britain's nasty open secret
BBB   (10.02.17)
anti semitism rules in the British Isles

once huge Britain is now a small isle of fools.
7. what "genocide"?
acaneone ,   mevasserat ,Israel   (10.03.17)
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think thee "Palestinians" are the only ethnic
group to call it's treatment by another group "genocidal" even as it is
growing at one of the fastest rates in the world.

It takes aspecial kind of mental disorder to say such a thing with a straight face, especi ally as Israel's public health measures are largely the cause.
Note hat cholera thrives in contaminated water, as in nearby Yemen, but
Hamas claims there is no cholera in Gaza.
8. War and Peace
arcaneone ,   mevasserat, israel   (10.06.17)
The PAlestinian "genocide" charge against Israel is ridiculous, an inflamma tory

The term is no more than 80 years old. It was coined to describe a special
kind of crime against humanity such as the Turkish massacre of about a
third of all the Armenians on Earth. To sugest that the Palesti nians, one
of the fastest-growing ethnicities on the planet, are suffering anything
comparable to the Armenians or Cambodians or Native Americans is
ridiculous, a blatant fraud..

The average life span of the Gaza Arabs went from 49 years in 1967 to over 73 years now, mostly due to Israeli public health measures. Where's the

"genocide"? Take a look at "Indian" reservations in the US and even Canada.. Look at the barel y contacted tri bes in the interior of South America, desperately holding on to the only culture they know. Look at the Aboriginies of Australia, and many, many more.. But not the Palestinians .
That is simply a fact.

sorry for typos--parkinnso ns
9. daring to think
arcaneone ,   mevasserat, Israel   (10.07.17)
So what does the charge of "genocde" mean? And why is it being made now,
and in the form that we see it?

One answer is that young adults are being strenuously propagandized by
mass media, classroom and related social experiences, and reasonable-seeming politics. This situation did not come about on its own It has been
nurtured for decades by a political Left that offers to shallow "useful idiots"
simplistic answers to complex questions.

With classrooms seen as a battlefield, the Left has ensured a virtual
occupation of the debate on into the indefinite future. To an incredible
degree, faculties have made a decisive turn to the Left(around 90 percent),
and these will choose the books the students read, the manner in which
information is presented, and the opinions they carry away..

No student wants to look and feel stupid in front of his peers; the professor
can praise or criticize a observation as he chooses, and it is a bold student
who opposes publicly and regularly what the professor is teaching. There
is only one way to prevail against this level of pressure and that is to fight it heart and soul, day after day, month after month, year after year. Nothing
suspicious gets through by default.

The anti-Zionist Left has developed its own language, which, in the US at
least looks or sounds like English, but is not. Thus, when one points out
to them that not remotely enough deaths are being inflicted on them to
qualify as a "genocide", they respond that it's a "slow-motion genocide",
as if they were so psychologically astute that they could realistically
predict the future.

It is by taking advantage of such openings as "slow-motion genocide" that
Zionists can stage a successful counterattack. There is no such thing. If
an actual genocide, with a crippling number of casualties, does not actually
exist in the present or very near term, then "slow-motion genocide"
cannot be validly predicted. It is simply an excuse to get the term "genocide" into the debate when it does not really apply.
10. homage to catalonia
james goldman ,   mevasserat ,Israel   (10.07.17)
So where is George Orwell when we need him? When we need to be
reminded that 2 plus 2 do not equal 4 because we are frightened(or not
frightened)or confused(or not confused), but because that's the way it is
here on Earth, and all the pretense in the world will leave you with
pretense and nothing more.

So it is with inflammatory charges against Israel like "genocide" and
"apartheit". The charges are not true simply because they are useful to the
anti-Zionists;the charges must stand or fall on their own. It is
ridiculous to compare what is happening to the Palestiniaans to ethic groups that lost hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.

11. then and now
arcaneone ,   mevasserat ,Israel   (10.08.17)
As George Orwell reached the climax of his career in the late 1940s, the
world has Just experienced a disasterous flirtation with police state politics.

While there are plenty of governments willing to unleash terror against their
citizens, we have moved away from the threat of violence to keep citizens in line. In this enlightened era, the emphasis is placed not on fear, but on
"feelgood" politics. People engage in certain activities and are rewarded
with flattering ego strokes from their circles of acquaintances.. This is the
method that has induced millions to declare their hostility to "apartheid

With this technique, people have been more than willing to engage in
activities that are fundamentally and demonstrably untrue, as the
accusations become more and more bizarre, it becomes harder and harder for anyone to stand out as deserving of praise and to collect the flattery
that is the reward for the public denunciation of Israel. Therefor, they are
driven to further and further extremes, to the point of actually believing issues that they know are untrue, just as George Orwell said . The fact
that it is at once both easy and yet impossible to overuse references to
Orwell should give the reader some concern.
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