Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
A modest hope for sanity instead of repeated clichés
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 29.09.17, 01:23
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1. Wish we could separate from Arabs& leftists at the same time
Delphi   (09.29.17)
Preferably with them in what's today (still) called Jordan.
Match made in heaven!
2. Any state that has "critical-mass" Muslim population, (above
Delphi   (09.29.17)
10-15%) cannot remain "bi-national": it will become a MUSLIM one sooner or later.
That's why it is an imperative to get rid of "our" Arabs in every/any way possible as long as we then can live with ourselves. (so trains are not an option:-)).
This bitter truth will sink even into the thick, European heads.
The US?....that's another tough cookie.
3. Pay "Palestinians" to leave instead of paying them to stay
Chaim ,   Israel   (09.29.17)
There is no magic solution to Israel's "Palestinian" problem, but there is a simple logical one. First of all, Israel needs to stop our insane support of our mortal "Palestinian" foes. No other state, in human history, has ever voluntarily supported its enemies. End the mad flow of Israeli food, money, work permits, electricity, materials, protection etc. which keep the "Palestinian" hoax afloat.

Secondly, begin investing in "Palestinian" departure instead of investing in making our enemies comfortable on our land. Instead of investing in raising "Palestinian" living standards and even building them houses (Total insanity!), invest in paying them to leave Israel and build new lives elsewhere.
4. We can be forgiven for trying to support Arab development in
Delphi   (09.30.17)
the formative years of our country.
We mistook the Muslims for just another branch of Homo Sapiens.
We were wrong, that much should be evident by now.
No amount of education can stop them from flying planes into
buildings or blowing up women/children and each other as well.
Actions of our present day government are inexcusable and unforgivable.
We cannot claim:" we didn't know". There are no "unknown unknowns" anymore.
5. The government has chosen just this
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.01.17)
With its decision earlier this year to limit future settlement activity to the existing settlements, the Netanyahu government in effect adopted what Yemini recommends. And Liberman has expressed, no less strongly than Yemini, his detestation for the "crazies" who create illegal outposts. As for granting the Palestinians more autonomy, in Areas A and B the PA already runs almost everything on the level of daily life apart from Israeli security interventions ("control"). So what Yemini recommends is actually now government policy. The problem is implementation, due to what Yemini points out: the respective idiocies of both the government's enemies on the left and its supporters on the right.
6. ben dror is like haber-disconnected
james   (10.02.17)
nothing israel will do will eliminate palestinian desire for israel to disappear. in case the non military ben dror forgets, israel has to have control. whereever abbbas or hamas rule, terror increases or terrror planning is encouraged.

feigllin suggested moving the entire arab group save the disloyal ones out by paying them. others suggest that the next 3 wars will settle the issue.

with the leaders past and present, arabs and jews are like oil and water. the working arab popualation has shown desire to reject terrorism. in fact they support it while they collect paychecks. war seems the only answer. the space is too small for 2 states. parts of jordan should be resubmiltted for a new agreement. even then, i doubt a deal can be reached.

jews should not have gone back to israel or anywhere near the middle east. true they have beautiful home that they build, but they would be better off away from the middle east.

unless jews wish to be servants of an arab sultan, there is no solution.
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