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Pakistan’s only declared Jew hopes to ‘chase away the darkness’
Yaniv Halily
Published: 28.09.17, 23:46
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1. What a"small dick-syndrome"-religion Islam is! What a groovy
Delphi   (09.29.17)
guy Fishel is!!!
Best of wishes and a small miracle, is what he needs.
Hope he get's the heck out of that Muslim hell-hole.
2. Remember Pearl. Get him out fast! Bad place for a Jew!
Alan ,   SA   (09.29.17)
3. good luck comes
Larry ,   LA (formerly)   (09.29.17)
I wish him good luck, but his future lies in coming to Israel and living here as a Jew.
4. A very brave and very righteous man.
BBB   (10.08.17)
How fortunate most of us are not having to fight for what we believe.

May the G-d of Israel grant him peace and prosperity.

He should move to Israel.

5. I think his father's atheism is more spiritually harmful
Ishmael   (11.25.17)
I think his father's atheism is more spiritually harmful than the Jewish faith of his mother. I say this because biologically I am a descendant of Isaac peace be upon him, and spiritually I am an Ishmaelite according to primogeniture. I think all believers of Abrahamic faith should unite against greco-roman secularism of Armilus.
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