Norwegian minister: 'We now get what Israel goes through'
Yaron Druckman, Oslo
Published: 28.09.17, 13:20
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1. what bs
I hate Europe ,   Dallas   (09.28.17)
Thank you so much for giving us the right to protect ourselves.
2. She's more "advanced" in her outlook than many on our Left!
3. the hippocrates and appeasers
jeff   (09.28.17)
norwegians like the swedes and belgians are bloody hippocrites. now they say they understand what israel goes through because they get it. like the quislings of the past they appeased terror by condemning israel at the UN at every turn. now they say they have to fight terror themselves as israel does. 3 words-go to hell.
4. Rightwing
She is right wing not left
5. speaking of problems...
Oren ,   Fort lauderdale   (09.28.17)
To the norwegian official who says the people of Norway and Europe now understand some of what the Jewish people have been going through, even if they don’t agree with everything Israel does because they live in A region that has a lot of problems. The truth of it is, due to the muslim migration to Europe, now you to in Norway live in A region with lots of problems.
6. Not yet darling
Avi L.   (09.28.17)
Not yet darling, not at all.

The best has to come when while a few buses explode nearly daily, someone else will say it's Sweden fault if innocent terrorists "have to" kill to righten "the occupation" ... and this not being enough, Sweden get also boycotted, condemned in the "human rights comity" of the UN by a mafia of dictatorships like Khaddafi Lybia, Assad's Syria or Sudan.

And Swedish people will have to protect their children going to school from some thugs ...

Of course Sweden will have to exit from the "occupied territories" ... then maybe they will start to get a glimpse of what it means
7. Wasnt there an almost identical article on ynet a year ago?
du   (09.29.17)
8. Have you forgotten that the pals and nazi's were allies?
BBB   (09.30.17)
We haven't.
9. # 4 And she's right!
BBB   (09.30.17)
10. Never was or will be a palestine.
BBB   (10.14.17)
Thank G-d!!
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