Israel must not let Arab states hijack UNESCO
Ron Prosor
Published: 30.09.17, 23:51
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1. Remember: ARABS brought culture/science to Dirty Dark Europe
Z.Latz ,   israel   (10.01.17)
Dirty Europeans and "cultural" western civilization has LOST their game.
There is no way to stop the destiny of history.
Europe will be back where it belongs - Arab World.
Europe no longer will start more wars.
2. What Prosor has overlooked
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.01.17)
UNESCO needs "a professional and decent director-general"? That is exactly what Irina Bokova, the outgoing director-general, is. The problem of UNESCO has lain not in its professional staff but in its international governing council, where countries vote according to the wishes of their politicians and the anti-Israel coalition typical of the UNO holds permanent sway. For instance, the UNESCO staff, based on the investigation of a professional body, recommended against giving Bethlehem the status of a heritage site because the PA had not fulfilled even the minimal conditions required, but the international council awarded that status nevertheless. Bokova has repeatedly expressed dismay at such decisions by the international council. That same international council will now appoint her successor. Yet even if the successor is also a sound professional, the existing situation regarding Israel will not change.
3. Israel doesn't need UNESCO
Tova ,   Canada   (10.01.17)
The more Israeli tries the more Israel will fail. UNESCO like all United Nations organizations and affiliates have condemed Israel each and every time. Western influence has no strength and they to are failing. The United Nations has become an organization of Islam and Sharia Laws are already inplace. They might as well move the United Nations out of America. They can move to China/N.Korea/ and/or any muslin country as these nations are all against Israel and all western nations.

Also western nations know that Israel will always come to the rescue whenever there is a natural disaster like the earthquates, fire, and so on.

Israel should do what she does best and that is to concentrate on the security of the nation and people. GOD is in charge of Israel. As the Bible says you cannot serve two masters. So let Israel choose GOD.

Natenayhu is not perfect we all know that. But he is a man who will stand for Israel. Israel sadly has politicians who would give up Israel.
4. UN is not being "hijacked", it IS a MUSLIM crew!
5. We must confront the danger of U.N. before its too late
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.02.17)
World War II and the Holocaust occurred because people failed to confront the danger of Hitler and Nazism before it was too late. As Churchill noted, "WW II was the most destructive war in history and it would also have been the easiest to prevent".

Today, we face a similar danger from the U.N. The U.N. is the world's leading disseminator of Jew hatred and the friend of almost every terror group and tyrant. Like the Nazi (National Socialist) Party, the U.N. is dedicated to socialism and despises capitalism.

Also like the Nazis, the U.N. seeks world domination, mainly through creating a world government. We must confront the danger of the U.N. before it is too late.

6. Eban(zl) said Arabs can pass a resolution that earth is flat
Alan ,   SA   (10.03.17)
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