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Attacking Israelis seen as way out for troubled Palestinians
Associated Press
Published: 28.09.17, 16:25
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Robert ,   Israel   (09.28.17)
Yes, they have problems.....they blame theJews.
They have no problems,....they also blame the Jews.
They are psychologically unstable, the Jews are responsible for it.
They have unknown problems......they again blame the Jews for it.
They blow themselves up, arrive at their heaven, find no virgins, it's because the Jews kidnapped all of them before they could grab at least one.
What else?
2. depressing, that depressed ppl have no chance to get help
epo   (09.28.17)
and instead are forced to increase their negative karmic burden by taking others into the abyss.

there may be no rest for suiciders, but these souls seem doomed forever.

a mentally healthy society should feel ashamed about that. and you too, since you have to take responsibility for the occupied country.

3. becoming an instant hero
david ,   new york   (09.28.17)
that tells you something about how palestinian culture loves terrorism
4. Feeling depressed?Kill a few IsraelisYourFamily gets pension
Alan ,   SA   (09.28.17)
paid for by US and EU etc taxpayers.Its underwritten by PA Pension Fund.
5. If mentally disturbed then why attack only Jews not Arabs?
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.01.17)
Such "mentally disturbed" is selective and acts with logic like a healthy person brainwashed with Islam.
6. Cure for this affliction: preventive bullet to the head!
7. I pray that the Arabs move from Israel and stop pretending
BBB   (10.08.17)
that there will ever be a 'palestine.'

Never was a 'palestine' but, there is always an Israel.
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