Azaria affair: An Israeli tragedy with an ending foretold
Yoav Fromer
Published: 30.09.17, 19:21
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1. A Convoluted Idea Of An Army
DSM ,   USA   (09.30.17)
Israel's press and parts of government are concerned about a soldier killing a wounded terrorist, while the world offers little condemnation of Muslims slitting the throats of innocents. There is no such thing as an ethical army. The object of an army is to kill the enemy and as such Azaria was doing his job.
2. Here's the lesson: Shoot terrorists dead the first time.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (09.30.17)
3. Another real tragedy: this author brainwashing young people
Delphi   (09.30.17)
at the University's history politics& faculty of all things!
Politics he surely does to the fullest of his ability, history (as can be judged) : 0!!!
FO ,   Belgium   (09.30.17)
Dr. Fromer, you write about "one people controlling another people against its will" Don't you find it rather strange that UN General Assembly Resolution 181 (a proposal as UNGA Resolutions are newer binding) proposed the partition of Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state, and not a Palestinian one? Till the early sixties there was never question of a Palestinian nation, till its "invention" by the Soviet KGB! The majority of Muslims (rather then Arabs) entered Palestine trough none garded borders, as migrants. Suppose for a moment, that in a few decades the Muslim migrants in Belgium start claiming a Muslim state, pretending living in this country since immemorial times.
5. 1973 war revisited
maury   (09.30.17)
i have no doubt that if a new 1973 war were to happen again whlle bibi is pm, israel would lose. given bibi's various descriptions as panicky, fearful, paranoid, and based on his conduct in the gaza wars and iran, he has no stomach to get through casualites and undertake major operations. no stamina whatsoever. in gaza he sought a ceasefire before even the tunnels wereknocked out. no, israel would lose or fare badly just as israel did not do well in the hezbollah war. the problem is that bibi and even olmert did not think they were lacking . so they hung and hang on. the 2 are very simliar, they cannot take casualties, are fearful, run to the usa at the drop of a hat and exhibit a kind of cowardice.

6. Native Americans were not Terrorists nor Native Palestinians
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (09.30.17)
Cowboys and Indians... Brainwashing taught us that the Cowboys were the good guys, and Indians were the bad guys, but the opposite is true.
7. now with the Palestinians in Interpol...
this former soldier will get his comeuppance!
8. This tragedy has more than the usual handful of actors...
epo   (10.01.17)
1) a killer and his makers
2) a mob and its makers.

In a tragedy, the father would have killed the son over the shame brought upon the family, and then the mother kills the drunk father and in his sleep and then jumps from the cliffs.

Here however, the son was not killed since he is the product of his parents: He became the monster they wanted to create.

Nobody would have had to do anything special about azaria. He committed a capital crime, disobeyed military orders, and would have been convicted accordingly.

However, before this could happen, the mob stood up. Only with this act the tragedy begins. Obviously, they felt crazy looking azaria was one of them, and deserved their protection. The PM knew, he faced the monster he created.

He created it to secure his reelection, but now it turned onto him. And as so often, he was very very afraid.

Your country is run by monster makers but only until the monster wakes up. They create purpose-monsters and are too weak to control them.

The main character in this tragedy is you, israel, and the lesson learned should read: arse-kick the PM over the cliffs.

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