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US cuts staff in Cuba over mysterious 'attack'
Published: 30.09.17, 19:03
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1. Nice work Obama... Cuba, Iran, Russia.. fail, fail, fail...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (09.30.17)
2. This was reported in the media months ago
Someone   (10.01.17)
3. US should close embassy & throw out Cuban diplomats from US
C   (10.01.17)
attacks on diplomats in the receiving country is a gross violation of
ancient customary international law and more recent treaty law.
such violations should never be accepted.
we know the results of the gross violation by iran of us
embassy and the hostage taking of its diplomats. carter
was unwilling and unable to resolve that issue. he handed over
iran to the shia terror regime. subsequent events have proven
catastrophic for the middle east and for the entire world.
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