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Worst massacre in US history: At least 58 dead, 515 wounded in Las Vegas concert shooting
Ynetnews & News Agencies
Published: 02.10.17, 19:01
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1. Europe/ME: we'd know, it's Muslim terror, US: who knows??
Delphi   (10.02.17)
2. Latest: Over 20 dead and 100 injured, one policeman critical
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.02.17)
3. This is mayb part of the Anti Trump madness that has been
Alan ,   SA   (10.02.17)
seizing USA. Its got ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with Trump OF COURSE, but the mentally ill are badly affected by the non stop non ceasing Anti Trump rhetoric.All the time ,all the time. Is it not time to stop the non stop TV , Media,Newspapers ranting.
4. HEY STEVE! this was one of your white Americans! haha!
5. will 45 call the perp an SOB or is that only for athletes
taking the knee?   (10.02.17)
6. Hey America! How's that 2nd Amendment right workin for ya?!
Roy ,   CT   (10.02.17)
8. It looks similar to shooting Republican lawmakers inspired
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.02.17)
by Sanders.

Country music fans are known to vote Republican
9. The Las Vegas police will find a way to blame O.J. Simpson
Rivkah   (10.02.17)
just like the Los Angeles Police Department blamed O.J. for the deaths of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman when O.J.'s daughter saw what happened and told her brother in the police car on the way to the police station, "Mom was fighting with her best friend." She did not say, Dad. Who was the best friend? It was someone Nicole Brown Simpson was having an affair with, LAPD Detective Mark Furman. O.J. was sent to prison for 33 years for asking for his stuff back that a California court said belonged to him and the Las Vegas police accused O.J. of kidnapping and armed robbery when he did not have a gun on him. Fox News Geraldo Rivera said if it was anyone else, the person would have gotten a year in prison. Only because it was O.J. was he overcharged and wrongly prosecuted and wrongly convicted. Blame everything in the world on O.J. He is America's Nelson Mandela. He gave up all he had to protect his children and would not allow that police report of who the killer was to be used in court because he feared whoever targeted him (LAPD) would go after his children.
10. There‚Äôs a huge gap in our ability to understand American
Delphi   (10.02.17)
psyche: I refer to their blind adherence to the 2nd Amendment despite clear evidence to its pure madnesses.
True, financial losses to the arms industry would far surpass the 50-some dead and 400 wounded....
Money talks and the dead men walk...until next time
11. Israel should give back the 35 Billions to a suffering USA
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.03.17)
For nearly seventy years the US has been giving Israel money. Together with private donations, some have calculated it's over 300 Billion dollars. But with these terrible murders and the many hurricanes recently, and with a president who hasn't accomplished anything so far, the US is suffering. The previous president, the achieving Barack Obama, passed through the Congress a grant of 35 Billion dollars to Israel over a ten-year period. America could use this money in support of its suffering people. It's time for Israel to extend help to the US this time.
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