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Las Vegas shooter: a retired grandfather with no criminal record
Published: 02.10.17, 23:38
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1. Shekels to sufganiot this is a disgruntled leftist...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.03.17)
or crypto Islamic convert.
2. Newsmax.comsays the Islamic State is claiming responsibility
Rivkah   (10.03.17)
for the massacre which means the shooter converted to Islam before the attack. The only way to deal with Muslims is to force them to leave the country like India had to do: forced Muslims to go to the areas of India that became Pakistan and Bangladesh because Muslims cannot live in peace. There are no moderate Muslims. There are Jihadi terrorists and fake Muslims since their religion is a religion of death and killing, not life and peace.
3. Either insanity in the genes or a set up...
4. He's white. He's crazy. End of story!
Because. Word. If he were black or Moslem he'd be a terrorist!
5. LA shooting
sandy ,   Modiin   (10.03.17)
He doesn't fit the profile. Very strange. This sounds like a set up! Maybe he was shot by the shooter before the police arrived to his room? Maybe the guns and ammo were planted in his hotel room and home? Maybe someone wanted to get rid of him and this was their way.
6. Brother is lying, big time !
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.03.17)
"He's never drawn a gun before" but has a large selection / collection of guns and rifles. So, Eric, how did he know to shoot from a long distance all those people? Sounds to me like a sharpshooter. And a multimillionaire ? All that money from real estate ? You sure ? Lived in Florida then moved to Nevada?
Sounds to me like a plan.
7. The shooter attended an anti-Trump rally by Antifa that
Rivkah   (10.03.17)
billionaire George Soros funds to try to overturn the US government. There was Antifa literature in his home. But he also converted to Islam, the religion of death and killing anyone who is non-Muslim if a Muslim believes and acts on orders in the Koran and Hadith. There are no moderate real Muslims. There are terrorist Muslims and fake Muslims.
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