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Motive still unclear behind deadly Las Vegas attack
Reuters and Associated Press
Published: 03.10.17, 09:33
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1. Something smells bad and it's not the garbage
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.03.17)
Psychopath, Islamic sleeper, government conspiracy, Las Vegas finances ??
Something has to be the answer. His finances need to be checked, when and from whom; travel itineraries; computer needs to be dissected; contact list from cellphone; etc. And if the police and government continue to shrug their shoulders, then the people should sue the hotel and Las Vegas for negligence in security.
2. Hotel Mandalay - house cleaning ?
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.04.17)
Didn't anyone enter the room for cleaning during this guy's stay at the hotel ?
And they saw nothing? Also extremely planned operation - cameras to watch hallway, massive amount of guns and ammo, perfect locale and view (must have asked for room months in advance).
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