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Egypt arrests dozens in crackdown on gays
Reuters, AP
Published: 03.10.17, 19:41
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1. Dear International Community and Human Rights NGOs
Alex ,   Beer Sheva   (10.03.17)
These are the people we have to deal with. LGBTQ people are oppressed, battered, humiliated and massacres in every single Muslim country in the world and yet you devote much more of your time and resources to the oppressors than to the oppressed. Wake up!

Alex, a happy and fulfilled gay man living in the only place in the Middle East where LGBTQ individuals can have a healthy life: Israel.
2. Just when we hoped Al Sisi had control of the Islamopaths.
David ,   Hartford USA   (10.03.17)
The president has to undo these arrests. He has to bring Egypt into the 21st century. If Egypt can't protect its gays (and Copts), then let them go to Israel, the freest, most open country in the mideast.

Who gave the order to have them arrested? That person needs to be removed from his position.
3. Maybe I should go to Egypt
Ben ,   Tel Aviv   (10.04.17)
I haven't had any action in such a long time. Some backside examination would be quite a formidable thing. I trust those closet cases will do it thoroughly and deeply. Sorry about the joke. It's as absurd as the situation in Egypt. Egypt is a very narrow place after all, isn't? And if it ain't narrow, you may have a problem. Pun intended.
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