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Dozens of weapons used in Las Vegas mass shooting revealed
Ynet, Associated Press
Published: 03.10.17, 21:47
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1. Forget it, Mr. Ryan!
Sheila Ramon ,   Haifa   (10.03.17)
The bill should be shredded. If it gets passed and psychos start shooting with silencers, you'll bear the brunt of the fallout for making silencers legal.
2. NRA - Shame for innocent deaths :
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.04.17)
NRA should now take responsibility and put into effect certain regulations on the availability, registration and ownership of guns. Lists of people owning guns and what type. There should be a double check system like in the financial system. As apparently citizens are not responsible enough. May be NRA should be sued.
3. There were multiple shooters from various floors of thehotel
Rivkah   (10.04.17)
Michael Snyder's blog (he is running for US Congress from Idaho) has 4 videos of gunfire coming from different floors at the hotel, not just the 32nd floor. 45 minutes before the attack, a woman ran through the hotel and crowd screaming they were all going to be killed. There were 10 foot high barriers all around the crowd to prevent them from escaping the massacre. This is not the work of a lone wolf gunman. There was also a suicide note but the police claimed they killed the 32nd floor shooter. It took 72 minutes for the police to go to the 32nd floor to find the shooter from the 32nd floor. Sounds like a Deep State attack on Trump supporters. The 32nd floor shooter and his girlfriend went to the Middle East and the Islamic State also claims responsibility. The 32nd floor shooter did not have a military background or special operations training and it would be impossible for him to shoot 500 people in 5 to 11 minutes without others shooting them, too.
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