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US Defense Secretary suggests sticking with Iran nuclear deal
Published: 04.10.17, 09:06
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1. We, the stupid "People", can be counted on trusting every
Delphi   (10.04.17)
smooth talking politician/salesperson, heck: even someone like Trump and getting more of the same every time we exercise our "duty/right" to vote.
No escaping that con job, or so it seems.
Give me a benevolent , intelligent dictatorship any time!
2. General Mattis is afraid of losing a war with Iran
C   (10.04.17)
it is a wonder to see how the world's greatest super power is afraid of
a mid-sized country with a comparatively weak army.

general mattis knows full well that the shia terror regime will have nuclear
weapons in the near future.
one has to conclude that general mattis and others in the us national
security apparatus are willing to live with a nuclear powered iran
following in the footsteps of north korea.
oh, where have the brave men gone when demoiselle in distress
need them.
3. Israel must admit and accept that she is on her own
C   (10.04.17)
obama had conned israel when he promised to american jews that he
would take care of iran.
american jews, and most importantly, some important men in the
israeli defence establishment were charmed by his forked tongue.
no lesser a man than meir dagan sincerely trusted the man.
obama never had the slightest intention to be honourable and
keep his promises to the jewish people.
obama wanted a deal, any deal.
obama wanted to weaken israel and put her under the boot
of the islamic world.

so now we have an agreement which is neither a treaty, nor
an executive agreement, but a so-called gentleman's agreement,
the sort of agreement that in the old days in london, in
gentleman's clubs, gentlemen made some promises which if
not kept, resulted in social exclusion which resulted in
pariah status in good society.
unfortunately, all the shia terrorists care about is to acquire nuclear
weapons and the ballistic missiles to deliver them.
the gentleman's agreement is devised in such a way that if the
americans honour their part of the agreement, iran wins; and if the
americans do not honour their part of the agreement, iran wins.
in other words, the americans are the big losers in this game.

it is possible that the americans can live with a nuclear iran, despite
the hysteria about north korea, but israel cannot live with a genocidal
autocratic islamist regime in possession of nuclear weapons.
it is then unavoidable that iran's nuclear arsenal will have to be
destroyed by israel alone, facing the entire shia terror world and
the newly installed russian military in syria.
today, israel finds herself in a situation similar to great brittain
at the start of wwii, except even worse. the enemies are
at the gates of israel, ready to engage.
israel, knowing that the war will be very bloody, cannot wait
until some benevolent power will come to her aid.
israel must defend herself by a very powerful preemtive
strike against iran and lebanon.
such a war will be existential and very bloody but it is the
only way the jewish state can survive.
such a war is in the absolute national security interest of
the sovereign jewish state of israel.
israel can no longer bow and scamper before the entire
world community which is waiiting impatiently to
see the jews once again annihilated.
4. What?!? A retired general that DOESN'T want to repeate...
Gunnar ,   Warsaw, Poland   (10.04.17)
... the Iraq disaster. What a shocker!!!!!!!!
5. Why the US you ask?
BBB   (10.05.17)
"Death to America' for one.

"Death to Israel' for two.

Better ''Death to Iran." with Mark Sherry in Iran

buying a donut, his last donut.
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