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Vegas gunman transferred $100K, set up cameras at hotel room
Associated Press
Published: 04.10.17, 09:50
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1. he did it, because the guns & ammunition r legally available
he did because the NRA is the largest supporter of domestic terrorism in the United States.
2. Absence of evidence is evidence of absence.
Zippy's Used Cars ,   Hempstead, NY   (10.04.17)
3. psychopaths do not need special reasons for murdering
C   (10.06.17)
yet this particular psychopath might have had political delusions.
4. Gunfire was coming from different floors not just the 32nd
Rivkah   (10.06.17)
floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. Michael Snyder (candidate for US Congress in Idaho) posted 4 videos on his blog of gunfire coming out of different floors. It wasn't just one shooter. The sophistication of the attack means the shooter who had no military or special ops background was not alone in the attack. Was this a Deep State attack? 10 foot barriers prevented people from escaping. Loads of weapons and ammo and tripods, etc. could not have been put into various rooms without someone noticing. Actually, someone did notice. A 21 year old Hispanic female ran through the hotel and crowd 45 minutes before the attack screaming they were all going to f--king die but no one believed her and thought she was drunk. Was this an Islamic State attack since they claimed responsibility? The one shooter police theory is bogus. Also, it took the police 72 minutes to go to room 32. Why did it take so long? Were they part of the attack on Trump supporters?
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