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Dahlan: 'Chances of peace are zero'
Published: 04.10.17, 22:25
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1. Do we want peace or a peace treaty? Two different things
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.04.17)
Israel could now be enjoying our third decade of permanent peace. After Likud defeated and exiled the terrorist P.L.O., Israel's era of permanent peace was beginning. The lunatic Labor Party destroyed peace by rescuing the murderous P.L.O. and offering it much of Israel during Oslo. Nearly 20,000 Israelis were maimed and murdered as a result.

The real question is: Do we want peace or a peace treaty? They are two different things.

It is appalling that some Israelis put their faith in treaties. Historically, peace treaties usually lead to war. Israel has signed many treaties with "Palestinians". Where has it gotten us?

On the other hand, resounding victories lead to long term peace. World War II is a classic example. Most of Europe and Asia is enjoying permanent peace because the Allies won and imposed their will on their defeated foes.

Israel has nothing to gain by bribing murderous "Palestinian" terrorists to sign a worthless piece of paper. We have already defeated our mortal "Palestinian" foes. If we would merely act like every other victor in history and impose our will on our defeated foes, we could have had real peace many years ago.
2. Nothing we can change: Muslims have to go. There‚Äôs no chance
Delphi   (10.04.17)
of anyone co-existing alongside this fascist ideology. Israel cannot afford such gamble.
Obviously Sweden does and shall very soon bear the consequences....
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (10.04.17)
4. More Jewish 'settlements' means more peace.
BBB   (10.05.17)


The rest is history.
5. settlements are no major issue or a two state solution
epo   (10.05.17)
its in fact only israeli propaganda that they are. they are not. its non-nationals living in palestine.

the other fact is, "negotiations" with israel will never lead to anything. not in a million years.
6. Yes. Move your flock to Mecca home to find eternal peace.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.05.17)
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