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Putin and Saudi king turn the page on decades of tensions
Associated Press and Liad Osmo
Published: 05.10.17, 19:28
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1. Putin has no loyalties. He will abandon Iran at drop of hat.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.05.17)
2. So pathetic, this put-on show of of sympathy for the
Delphi   (10.05.17)
"Palestinians" by these Saudi thugs, that couldn't give a proverbial flying f..k about that particularly nasty & ugly branch of Arabs that presently occupy portions of Land of Israel.
That's "world politics" for you...disgustingly ridiculous but galling at the same time.
Everybody has to play this game and we're lucky to have Netanyahu at the helm.
But the clueless leftist idiots from Chelm don't get it, sorry fu..ks...
3. And I support a second Jewish state in Saudi Arabia...
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (10.05.17)
....with half of Mecca, half of Medina and half of Riyadh as the capitals of the 2nd Jewish state. These are my requirements for peace with Saudi Arabia.
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (10.06.17)
So are the Iranians alone now in the fight against ISIS? So Vlad is just another oil whore looking for his cut. So much for crtisizing the west.
5. Saudis buy S400
Avi L.   (10.06.17)
Pity the article doesn't talk about the S400 that will be sold to the Saudis

Israel surrounded by S300, S400, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Syria (Putin), Turkey.

Back to the USSR's era and build up of potential hostile forces around the Country.

And some interested party want an "small, agile and professional army"?
With all the jobnikim privatized as subcontractors in order to make huge amounts of cash and weaken Israel ... so no more reserves and more costs for the Country, jobninikm will receive full civilian salary, instead of army pay plus the fat profits of the managers and share holders.

While others want to be appointed to some jordanian desk
6. "Palestinian state and wants to see East Jerusalem declared
Alan ,   SA   (10.06.17)
its capital"
He does not make clear if it is OK for Israel to remain where it is or if it must be closed down to accommodate the said Pals State
7. Poor old senile King..
BBB   (10.06.17)
We know the king has Alzheimers but, there is NO way Israel will be divided KEEP BUILDING BABY !!!
8. # 3 lol why settle for half?
BBB   (10.06.17)
All or nothing at all.

Saudi's can't fight their way out of the can.
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