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Trump expected to decertify Iran nuclear deal
Published: 05.10.17, 23:50
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1. Unless US is prepared to go to war w/ Iran - which it is NOT
Rafi ,   US   (10.06.17)
- this is pure politics and stupidity. More wasted energy, diversion, and divisiveness... all Trump Admin hallmarks (Bibi would be proud...)

Remember that the key to any effective action against Iran (- which may or may not actually be warranted at this point -) is the WILLINGNESS of the US to mobilize its forces in the region and attack Iran.

Ask the US military how they feel about that option... especially when facing an unresolved Korean nuclear standoff....

Whatever occurs with this new brinkmanship by the Trump Admin, also keep in mind that if something goes awry, WHO in the region is likely to pay a heavy price... (G-d forbid!)
2. Yet another pillar of the Obama legacy to be toppled over
Cameron   (10.06.17)
Oh man, the level of progressive squealing on this will shake the very Heavens!

Well, so be it.

We put him in the White House to truly shake the box, and begin to scrap the worst features of the Obama years.
3. Will the world finally wake up to the fact, that it needs to
Delphi   (10.06.17)
take the raging WW3 seriously?
I doubt it.
4. Obama messed this deal
Tova ,   Canada   (10.06.17)
and Trump will not resolve. Israel needs to be careful as the Trump deal whatever it may will put Israel in a very dangerous position. You will see Trump putting pressure on Israel. Obama ensured the deal would be right for Iran, with no concern for Americans. Trump will expect Israel to accept his terms.
5. Fixit means NEVER atomic bombs+get out of rest of M E now
Alan ,   SA   (10.06.17)
6. Iran in win-win situation
Avi L.   (10.06.17)
Whatever happens Iran got EU by the bag of money, had time to expand its nukes programs, will get back its enriched material from USSR, got the cash to pay for shias to fight for Assad and to buy weapons from N Korea.

Fat Boy Kim is the example, you get nukes plus delivery and no one can touch you.

They are going for it, faster or slower.

Donald can't bomb Iran. USSR, China and the EU won't let him
7. Does Secretary Mattis say recertification is OK despite -
Alan ,   SA   (10.06.17)
Some Republican lawmakers, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, strongly objected to recertification, citing Iran’s refusal to permit the International Atomic Energy Association’s inspection teams to perform on-site checks of military bases suspected of being used by Iran’s nuclear program.
8. Inspection of Iran's nuclear weapons sites are non-existent
C   (10.06.17)
the united states and the iaea had agreed not to inspect military sites for
nuclear weapons activities, in contraventions of the additional protocols.
thus, iran itself removes samples from military/nuclear sites, without
the presence of international inspectors.
this ridiculous agreement is made even worse since it is agree that
so-called inspections at these sites can take place only after 30 days
of political negotiations of the joint commission of the JCPOA, made up of
the original members of the P5+1. iran thus has the possibility to
refuse such inspection.
iaea inspector general amano agreed to close the dossier on iran's
long standing nuclear weapons program's possible military dimension (pmd).
hence, iran's entire nuclear military dimension is non-subject to inspection.
as a result, iran's nuclear scientists cannot be interrogated.
it is assumed a priori that iran's nuclear program does not have
a military dimension, without any proof of the matter.
the agreement to remove iran's stock of heavy water is equally scandalous
the amount of heavy water removed is determined only when leaving iran,
but not when arriving at its destination, in this case, oman.
oman is an ally of iran and as such, there is no verification as to
whether the heavy water stays in oman or is sent back to iran
such a verification procedure is contrary to all international norms.

the entire JCPOA is a sham agreement which allows iran to continue
its military work on its nuclear weapons program.
iran can continue to do research on advanced centrifuges and on
implosion devices. the agrred on verification system is essentially
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