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In Gaza, Hamas levels an ancient treasure
Associated Press
Published: 06.10.17, 18:40
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1. 12 million Arabs expelled in Syria. Israel do them the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.06.17)
2. On a positive note: fortunately there’ll be absolutely
Delphi   (10.06.17)
nothing of a “Palestinian”- culture to destroy in near (or distant) future.
Right now : what the clueless word is witnessing again and again is the sheer destructive vulgarity of Islam!
Do the fools notice?!
Not really...
3. Destroying pre islamic heritage
Avi L.   (10.06.17)
Destroying pre islamic heritage in order to rewrite history.

Who controls the present controls the past.
Who controls the past controls the future.

Like the buddhas in Afghanistan, Persepolis let crumble by the mullahs etc.
4. hyper: ".. inspects damage at Tel Es-Sakan hill"
epo   (10.07.17)
its ridiculous to "inspect" that pile of rubble.

and its laughable anyway that archeologists spend decades dusting rubbish.

they may have collected enough chards in that 20 years already.
5. archeological site Gaza
Tova ,   Canada   (10.07.17)
No surprise here. UNESCO like Jericho. As to the words of song.
And the walls came tumbling down.

Well Europe are you going to just sit there or wake up. Or have you surrendered to Islamic Jihad?. UnitedNations are you enjoying the destruction?
6. After Gaza is reduced to a pile of rubble
BBB   (10.26.17)
it really wont matter much.
Gaza is condemned.
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