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Iran warns US against imposing further sanctions
Published: 08.10.17, 13:44
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1. Is Vladimir the only one willing to wear pants in this
Delphi   (10.08.17)
wretched world of politics(an POWER play)?
2. IRG running scared
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.08.17)
3. When USA doesn't do what Iran wants,they threaten the USA
Alan ,   SA   (10.08.17)
The Ayatollas are taking advice from North Korea on how to handle the USA. See who usa has got as a co what we say and want ,or else
4. Iran either wars or warns
C   (10.08.17)
the regime of this genocidal rogue terror state will soon pay the price
for its decades long warring on americans and jews world wide.
even the rather powerful hitlerite regime, the thousand year reich,
came to its end once the united states had decided that herr mustache
had done more than enough murder and torture.
israel might be small, but she compensates for her small size by
the brilliance and creativity of her people.
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