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Lebanese public figures speak out against Hezbollah
Roi Kais
Published: 09.10.17, 15:04
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1. Hear what LEBANESE say
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.09.17)
How can it be tolerated that Hezbollah-Iran use Lebanon as a base from which to launch their wars and put Lebanon and Lebanese people IN THE FRONT LINE

Have they asked the Lebanese people?

They have destroyed the soul of Lebanon and all the while Mogherini and the UN look the other way

Lebanon is not Lebanon anymore

With her sovereihnity toen apart

Lebanon is NOTHING just a wasting outpost of Irans Shia hegemonic ambitions

Lebanon has become LebaNONE
2. well, guess what ........
steve s   (11.08.17)
Those who spoke will soon be dead. Hezbollah is a disease which is dominant in Lebanon. Someone needs to flush the toilet known as Lebanon.
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