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Film producer Harvey Weinstein ousted over sexual harassment claims
Associated Press
Published: 09.10.17, 16:01
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1. The Left eating itself Rejoice !!
SickHollywood ,   Jerusalem   (10.10.17)
How wonderful to see Weinstein the extreme
Leftist suing the extreme Leftist New York Times
Whose next L David ? what a sick "community"
2. THAT in a community/industry that was built on sexual
Delphi   (10.10.17)
exploitation, intimidation and daily ass-grabbing?!
Who would've thought???!!!!
As to the fact that it happens to a Useful "do-gooder": doesn't hurt:-))
3. causing lot of pain to females & lot of envy to males
epo   (10.12.17)
4. Is it illegal for fat ugly hairy old Jews to....
Zippy ,   Levittown, NY   (10.13.17)
make sexual advances on young pretty shiksas?
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