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BBC to air kibbutz volunteer reality show
Israel Moskowitz
Published: 09.10.17, 22:17
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1. BBC are Looking
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.09.17)
BBC will do their best to find:
A) Self Hating SJW liberal Jews
C) Palestinian supporting Jews
D) BDS supporting Jews
2. The Kibbutz was/is the most important Israeli creation.
Michael ,   California, USA   (10.11.17)
There were communal settlements in the world before the kibbutz, but none as crucial to the establishment of a country as those in Israel and none as long-lasting. I trust BBC will do a great and objective work. But it will not be an easy task since the reality of the kibbutz existence is complicated.
3. Volunteers on kibbutz
Jo kaplan ,   Kibbutz beit alpha   (10.13.17)
I heard about the BBC proposed project and would be v interested in helping I originally came here 40'years ago, married a kibbutznick and moved back to the uk for 30 years We have now returned to live here on kibbutz and have seem huge changes. Able to help the bbc formthus progrsmme
4. kibbutz Volunteers
Joe   (10.16.17)
I was on kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud near Natanya 1984-85. 100 volunteers but only 6 - 8 were actually jewish. This was a great time in the life of the country of israel. Approximately 5000 volunteers across 220 kibbutz. Plus moshavs. I dont know of any volunteers I met (and still connect with) who dont sing the praises of israel 32 years later !!
5. Another stupid reality show
Tova ,   Canada   (10.22.17)
This will only exploit Jews and show them as idots. This will not be a reality show. Today's kibbutz is no longer an agricultural community. Today anybody can live on a kibbutz. They are becoming a community of real-estate. You can buy a home and not do anywork if you have enough money to pay. I know Israeli that move to kibbutz to get away from city life. They commute to work and return to the kibbutz. Your typical 9-5 type of day. Some kibbutzim operate as a hotel and give tours. Agricultural kibbutz hire Asian who get paid and send money home , The same as mexicans to work in the US and Canada during the harvest season.
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