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At least 10 dead as fires rage in California wine country
Associated Press
Published: 10.10.17, 08:01
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1. Arson? Juss askin!
Alan ,   SA   (10.10.17)
2. The misuse of haShem's authority in the USA and California
Rivkah   (10.10.17)
and pressuring Israel into accepting another land for peace deal are the most likely causes of His outrage shown as catastrophic fires and hurricanes and next, earthquakes. The US Supreme Court decision to allow same sex marriages is an outrage to haShem. The forced 56 vaccinations of children in California before the age of six by a deranged Legislature and Governor who were all paid $180,000. each by Big Pharma to vote for that outrage which is harming children is another misuse of haShem's authority. Mississippi retired neurologist Dr. Russell Blaylock says no child under the age of six years should be vaccinated with any vaccine because of the toxicity to the brain. When a child or anyone else gets even ONE vaccine, fish oil should be taken before the vaccination and calcium citrate after the vaccination and an ice pack put on the injection site to slow absorption. Then the person needs to take Dr. Blaylock's Brain Repair Formula for thirty days after ONE vaccine. But the idiots in power in California want children to have 56 vaccines before the age of six years and babies get a Hepatitis B and flu vaccine before leaving the hospital after birth even though the Pediatric Immunology Journal warns that a hepatitis B vaccine before the age of 14 YEARS can cause DEATH! Such misuse of authority is outrageous! Legislators who took a bribe to pass that legislation should be arrested and jailed!
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