Iran seeks to permanently block access to ‘Zionist’ Waze
Sagi Cohen
Published: 10.10.17, 11:02
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1. Has Zarif got Jewish ancestry?
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.10.17)
2. Yes Mr President: Act 1 Scene 3
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.10.17)
Good Morning Mr President

Mr President
Zarif can you stand on a chair where I can see you?
You are?
So whats the problem?

We have a problem with announcing an African Ambassador at the forthcoming African Ambassadors reception
His name is Israel Ademola
We could either withdraw his invitation, say it was a mistake or how about arresting him for spying?

Mr President
Zarif how can you mention THAT NAME?
Stop and go and wash your mouth immediately or its ten lashes and no more chips
And come up with a better solution please

At the reception
Ladies and Gentleman
Please welcome
Mr and Mrs Zionist Entity Ademola

High Five Mr President
Job done
The Ambassador was so happy he even gave a middle finger salute
3. Waze
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (10.10.17)
Muslims should use only muslim waze,it will guide them straight to hell,they should also stop immunizing their children against polio,with a vaccine invented by a orthodox Jew named DR Ionah Salk,there is a long list of things invented by Jews,Muslims should stay away from them,they may be harmful to their health,in the last 500 years,muslims invented only 1 thing,Jihad.
4. What a brilliant idea!!
Howard K. ,   Jerusalem   (10.10.17)
Much of the technology in cell phones, computer chips, advanced medical devices, medicines, self-driving motor vehicles, agricultural products, to name a few, are of Israeli origin. Let's see the wise guys block or boycott all of those. Ditto for the geniuses at BDS.
5. here is what went wrong
C   (10.10.17)
ancient persia, sophisticated and cultured, was conquered by the sand
dwelling muslim arabs, a backward group of tribes.
as a result, the persian people were oppressed, deprived of their
advanced culture and imposed upon by a barbaric rule of people
whose major goal was war and conquest.
the islamic faith lacks the civilising elements of much of judaism
and to some extent of christianity.
the koran does not even include the ten commandments.
its criminal code puts emphasis on barbaric punishments.
all territories that were conquered by the muslim arabs remained
undeveloped and backward.
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