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'Everyone in the government works with the New Israel Fund'
Ziv Nevo
Published: 12.10.17, 23:48
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1. Thankfully the Israeli public isn't fooled by you
BSmoreFakeNews ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.17)
2. Attorney
Randy Mandelblit ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.17)
NIF is controlled by George Soros - Arch enemy of Israel.
3. Ynet gives free publicity to an enemy of Jews and Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.13.17)
4. A long, pointless propaganda piece that changes nothing: NIF
Delphi   (10.13.17)
is a destructive, self-hating, dumb as dumb ca be amalgam of people without a clue as to their real role/purpose on this earth.
That purpose is indeed creating a "new" Israel. After they burn THIS one to the ground, Inshallah (or is it "b'ezrat Hashem"?)
Hard to fathom, that Jews can be bought to do such dirty work.....
5. The NIF is a stalinistic, anti-Zionist entity
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (10.13.17)
supporting the falastinian cause. The NIF, Notorious:Infame:Fiendish is strictly against the Jewish State Israel, against its authorities, against the IDF and basically against the Jewish people.

The NIF is compromising the Jewish youth in Israel and abroad, the NIF is supported financially from the same sources supporting the Falastinian terror, the NIF is a puppy of Soros.

Memmbers and followers of the NIF must be outlawed and boycotted socially, financially and academically. They understand this language, because the NIF is a prime supporter of the antisemitic BDS.
6. Ynet's type of guy
Pauld ,   Jetusalem   (10.13.17)
A former so-called observant Jew turned slander. Just imagine how many people make a living moralizing to Jews. It is big business. Haaretz and Ynet thrive on undermining the morale of the Jewish nation. Pure evil.
7. organization
דיירים ובעלי בתים יח ,   israel   (10.13.17)
we do not receive gov funding and we do not receive money for our work we r totally, for the lasts 6 yrs, a volunteering organization ..that may change in the future if needed...our country has many problems ..left /right/religion/war and poverty ...truth is poverty should be our first concern . the money sent to our organizations from the USA is going through a non political clean place ..thank you INF for being here for our nation ...good luck Mickey in your new position as head may you have a lot of Hatzlacha and a G8 new year
8. Thank you
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv   (10.13.17)
Mickey is a truly amazing Israeli leader that is the future of this country. I am so thankful for this brave and honest interview. I hope many people will read it. Of course those who don't believe in facts will not be swayed from their delusions. but all those who still live in the real world can see what an unparalleled benefit NIF is to Israeli society.
9. Treacherous
Adam ,   London   (10.13.17)
Thankfully the great Israeli public is not fooled by your lies and knows that at present the survival of Israel rests surely in the national camp
10. The NIF needs to be recognized as an enemy of Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.16.17)
You know an organization by its actions. Not by its words. The NIF sponsors, almost exclusively, groups which are hostile and damaging to Israel. It needs to be recognized as an enemy of Israel and dealt with accordingly.
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