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Report: Iran made 32 attempts to procure ballistic missile technology
Published: 10.10.17, 17:05
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1. what surprise: the genocidal rogue regime is cheating
C   (10.10.17)
as is its wont, the genocidal rogue shia terror regime is cheating.

why is it so difficult for the so called civilised world to understand
that iran is ruled by islamists who practice the ancient art of
taqqiya, i.e., the art of lying to the rest of the world.

islam allows, indeed it encourages, lying to infidels in the name
of allah.
generally, islam does not believe in international laws or norms.
hence, the very notion of of an honest deal with iran is foolish.
iran will never give up its nuclear weapons program.
2. moishe rabeynu
moishe   (10.11.17)
suspect Iran buys missiles and warheads and possible nuclear warheads from Pakistan, North Korea, etc. has no need to develop devices when it has lots of oil cash to buy.meddling in region to gain influence a great danger to Israel and others as it destabilizes the region. resources could be better spent on people and infrastructure. too many people employed in war jobs. stupid policy for stupid people. unlike Israel they do not profit by such exports. Iran gives much away. goyish kops.
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