Lieberman: Hezbollah, Lebanese army ‘inextricably linked’
Yoav Zitun
Published: 10.10.17, 14:10
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1. lebanon knows putin
mofti   (10.10.17)
lebanon knows putin and his methods. well lieberman is like putin, totally unlike softies olmert and passive bibi who does as little as possible. since lives are on the line, putin methods will be used against all of lebanon, no distinction, no separate campaign against bekaa or hassan;s headquarters. lebanon in its whole, everything will be hit.
2. Lebanon What a mess
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.10.17)
So the Lebanese Army?

Who is taking orders from whom?

Has Lebanon ceded its army, its heart and soul to Hezbollah Iran so there is nothing left?

The answer is NO

The MAJORITY of Lebanese demand a sovereign and independent Lebanon not an outpost of a Shia dictatorship and not likely to give up that easily

3. So strike hezballah in Syria too
Avi L.   (10.10.17)
So strike hezballah in Syria too and refrain from smashing Lebanon as a whole.

Lebanon is held hostage by the shia axis, you don't shoot the hostage because he can't free itself from its kidnapper.

The shia axis killed Hariri and took over the whole country.
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