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Catalonia pres. suspends independence for more negotiations
Ynetnews & Reuters
Published: 10.10.17, 20:59
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1. And here, in the bloody Middle East one wonders: what the F.
Delphi   (10.10.17)
are these spoiled Euro-brats missing in their leisurely lives?!
Sudden changes, sporadic chaos to spice up the boring & peaceful daily existence...?
Gets me, to tell the truth.
What will they be able to do tomorrow, that they were unable to do yesterday?
I guess I'm missing the big picture......
2. A shame
Pepe ,   Barcelona   (10.10.17)
Jews were expelled from Barcelona by 1391.
Jews were expelled from slain by 1492.
The only place for us is eretz Israel where the law is the law...not like wheat the Catalan are doing. The 6th and 7th Sept the Catalan parliament in default change the law with no debate... A real shame.
Catalans are not able to debate change the rules... So they change the law.
3. Betcha Puigdemont winds up hog-tied in a police van. LOL!
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.11.17)
4. Impossible to negotiate with fascist country like Spain
Kekinash   (10.11.17)
And the Spanish answer to the dialogue offer from Catalonia: No negotiation at all!
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