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Belgium suspends funding for Palestinian schools
Elior Levy & Associated Press
Published: 10.10.17, 19:43
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1. Trump is turning the pro Arab terror tide in the world
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.10.17)
2. Are these Belgian clowns THAT thick?! As if: THIS is what
Delphi   (10.10.17)
finally convinced them of the reality?!
So sad& disheartening....
Also: I don’t think it’ll be permanent.
3. Canada offering Arabic
Tova ,   Canada   (10.12.17)
Arabiv language Education in the public school system. It will be starting the Alberta. For all arab students to continue their learning. I guess Enlgish/French doesn't matter. How Trudeau is so depersate to be accepted by muslin nations.

Never in Canadian history has a languge study been offered to ant other enthic group. All immigrants/refugees get free English lessons. So I guess the liberal idiots will turn Canada into an Islamic State.
4. # 3 Good then Canadians can bow when the hear the call to
BBB   (10.14.17)

Oh Canada!!
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