Israel plans to follow US in exiting UNESCO
Associated Press
Published: 12.10.17, 20:34
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1. Mr
Oren ,   Ft. Lauderdale   (10.12.17)
When president trump said he was not moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in order to give peace A chance, does he really expect us Jews to believe that the ‘palestinian’ people and the ‘palestinian’ government is not also racist towards the Jews of Israel? When they repeatedly elect, when they are allowed to, the most Jew hating, convicted terrorists and murderers to every office they have A chance to? In G-d I trust, not the justice of the americans.
I wonder why Israel waited till after the americans made the announcement that they were leaving the organization before they acknowledged their bias against Jews and left as well? Should we even pretend that’s how Netanyahu wanted to do it, or just embrace that he is just A spokesman of Israel? Their is no difference between unesco and the united nations, which also has singled Israel out for decades, and issued more resolutions against Israel then all the dictators in the world combined, meanwhile the 'palestinians' have probably killed more arab muslims then the Israelis have. The Israeli supreme court still often sights international law when they are discriminating against Jewish property rights to appease the international left, and the islamic fanatics. We should form an extra supreme court that has higher jurisdiction than the Israeli supreme court, and uses it to dissolve the lessor court. In G-d I trust, the law makers of this world are usally the criminals.
2. Netanyahu drank the Trump Kool-Aid! He's channeling him too!
because. word. Netanyahu is the ONLY world leader who admires the American carrot!
3. and guess what Erastus DeStupidville, Jews own it,erase Muzz
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.12.17)
4. UNESCO is an enemy of the Jews and of the Jewish state
C   (10.12.17)
any group that denies that jerusalem is jewish or that jews have an ancient
and irrevocable tie to the land of israel is an enemy of the jews and of
the sovereign jewish state of israel.

the jewish state existed long before the advent of islam
the jewish kingdom and the city of david, seat of zion, existed a thousand
years before the birth of jesus who was born a jew and who died a jew.
the roman empire which crucified jesus is no longer.
all the empires that had conquered the land of israel are no longer.

the arab muslims that had conquered the land of israel fell to
the ottoman empire and today they are cut into statelets which
murder each other and live in misery.

during the past two millennia jews were exiled, dispersed and murdered
through genocides which resulted in the shoa.
yet the jews as a people survived and reconquered their ancient
homeland, the land of israel.
no attempt by the goy nations to erase jewish history or the history
of the jewish state will ever succeed.
the jews have a unique spirit of peoplehood which is based on
the love of the most holy one and the laws of moses. the laws of
moses make it clear that conscience is the basis of all human ethics
and moral behaviour.
5. Pathetic
David ,   Detroit   (10.13.17)
Nice. Wag the tail of America. If you were going to do it, why did you wait?
6. and in other news
Kapster ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.17)
Can Micronesia be far behind? I am sure the BDS groups will be laughing when they realize that Israel and the USA have just handed them a victory. No need to vote to exclude Israel anymore...
7. Puppet follows the Puppeteer
Z.Latz ,   israel   (10.13.17)
8. Honestly? it should've been us (Israel) leaving FIRST!
Delphi   (10.13.17)
9. To David Harding about comment :
Philip Gold ,   London , UK   (10.13.17)
Saudi Arabia heads the Human Rights , I must add : yes of course by cutting (the heads off) :-) :-)
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