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Israeli defense experts warn against dropping Iran nuke deal
The Associated Press
Published: 13.10.17, 09:30
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1. A load of extra far leftist krap
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.13.17)
2. Iran nuclear deal cannot be improved
C   (10.13.17)
1 iran will not agree to change the deal which is to its advantage.
2 since obama lifted all sanctions on iran, there is no way to
pressure iran to return to the negotiating table.
3 iran is absolutely intent on acquiring nuclear weapons.
4 the deal's verification clauses are basically non-existent since
international inspectors are not allowed in military sites
like parchin. iran will not agree to change this clause.
5 iran is not required to stop r&d. hence iran can develop
much more advanced centrifuges as well as implosion
devices. this gives iran the possibility to build up components
of a nuclear weapons system and swiftly put the components
together. at that point, iran would have nuclear weapons.
3. Iran is a button away from Nuclear War -
barbara ,   Haifa   (10.13.17)
I don't know if I'm the idiot or the rest of the political world are idiots - but from my point of view (reading and seeing news) Iran has the infrastructure, equipment and elements to carry out a Nuclear War. That so-called deal on paper is worth nothing to them.

Only hope, though, is that Iranian government have more maturity and responsibility than North Korean Kim.
4. SMOKE and MIRRORS....Can ANYONE fathom Iran
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.13.17)
See them on TV last night?

First they insist they have nothing to do..guv we are INNOCENT mlud of the chaos in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Bahrein, Yemen, Sudans...SEE Out blood soaked hands are CLEAN....and then in a spilt second later say.darkly.

But if anyone were to dare try to change the status quo just think what would happen in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, Bahrein, Yemen, Sudan, Saudi Arabia and Israel...and they go on to say

And think of the chaos that would arise in the Persian Gulf?

Of course no mention of Irans de facto colonisation of Lebanon and transforming of South Lebanon into a glorified military dump from which to wage war against Israel and the PA, the attempted take over of Yemen from which to wage war against Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Jordan and the attempted destabiliation of Bahrein to secure another base in the Arabian Gulf

Not such INNOCENT dudes.. after all

5. Defence experts warn Trump against nixing Iran nuke deal
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.13.17)
Defence experts !? Then it must be right for the US to NIX the nuke deal. NIX IT NOW !
6. zionist HYPOCRITES!!!
Roy ,   CA   (10.13.17)
the zionist state has nuclear weapons .........they should get rid of their nuclear weapons instead of going after Iran. Bunch of HYPOCRITES these zionists
7. Trump, Netenyahu, and right-wing nuts are all hot air
Rafi ,   US   (10.14.17)
There is no plan B and Israel will end up paying the cost of this disastrous U turn.

The deal is far from ideal - and I thoroughly opposed it at the time. But it is what it is and has already been implemented.

As Israel's intelligence establishment concludes, it has more benefits than not, and is worth following thru.

Here are 2 realities for my right-wing crackpots to consider:

- Iran has ALREADY accrued many of the key benefits, not the least of which was the release of hundreds of millions of $'s by the US and Europe.

Why let them have that major "benefit" without now paying the current price of strict inspections for 10 yrs? You would end up giving them all the $ without receiving anything in return.
Talk about stupidly shooting yourself in the foot!

- Unless the US is willing to go to war against Iran NOW - which it is certainly NOT in the midst of a Korean crisis - Iran will NEVER be pressured into new terms. Without credible military pressure, US has absolutely no leverage on Iran.

These are the realities... everything else is talk & bluster... certainly on the part of Donald Trump. He's in no position to pressure Iran. It's all showmanship.

What's far less excusable is the treasonous behavior of Trump's lapdog Bibi. By pushing to scrap the nuclear deal, Bibi's doing Israel no favors... just like his empty stunts during Obama Admin that produced nothing of substance... only bad relations with the US.

It's all great press and politics by Bibi to play to his base. But he's gravely harming Israel's security. For that he should be censored, thrown out of office - and prosecuted!
8. Our experts (like E.Barak)championed returning Golan Heights
Delphi   (10.14.17)
to that decent bloke Assad, since it would ensure a lasting peace with the Syrians....
Go figure!?
Whenever I see the term "experts say" I tend to carry on walking....
9. I liked Sen. McCains's song some years ago...
BBB   (10.14.17)
Memorable little ditty,
"Bomb, Bomb, bomb Iran."
10. # 6 Roy are you lost?
BBB   (10.14.17)
Al Jazeera's down the hall on the far left.
11. # 5 Defense experts? The ones who got US into this mess?
BBB   (10.14.17)
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