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Palestinian negotiator Erekat receives lung transplant
Elior Levy
Published: 13.10.17, 09:23
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1. Bribery....
tiki ,   belgium   (10.13.17)
Probably payed a large sum of money to be first on the list as money is no problem to members of the PLO,.....sorry PA.
2. how many worthy Americans did he jump in front of?
david ,   hadera   (10.13.17)
he obviously bribed his way in with stolen American taxpayer money given to the PA
3. Oy, bad news and on a Shabbes too! Oh well, there's hope....
Delphi   (10.13.17)
4. Undoubtedly a Jewish doctor saved his life.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.13.17)
5. Lawyer
Randy Mandelblit ,   Jerusalem   (10.13.17)
Bumped to the head of the line because he's a terrorist.
6. This foul mouth vile animal refuses martyrdom
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.13.17)
7. And these are ppl we supposed to have symparthy with!!
Its hard to believe the level of hatred in 2017!, disgusting and sickening
8. caused by parasitic infection ... medicine is piss stupid
epo   (10.13.17)
9. Arab anti-Semitic hypocrisy & Israeli hospitals
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (10.13.17)
Saeb Erekat doesn't seem to have a problem wishing to destroy Israel and the Jews, and at the same time visiting Israeli hospitals in the past.

He wanted to be treated at our hospitals, yet did everything he could and still does everything he can, to undermine and destroy the very country providing him with medical care. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

This time he got medical treatment in the USA instead. Truth be told, this man deserves the death penalty.
10. We are patiently waiting for some bad news.....
Delphi   (10.14.17)
11. Shlolme Toronto
BBB   (10.17.17)
re: "paying customer"

yeah paying with America's and Israel's money.
12. Roger Vancouver
BBB   (10.17.17)
Arab Doctor?
Just name him, please.
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