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Iran, EU and Russia defend nuclear deal after Trump threat
Published: 13.10.17, 23:41
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1. A clear oratory "victory" for Trump, but the money remain in
Delphi   (10.14.17)
Tehran and the Glorious March Toward the Bomb continues as before (and will do so unless someone decides to actually DO something about it)
2. Donald does it again
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (10.14.17)
No surprise that Trump displays his ignorance of international relations. I guess he needs a substitute for the stalemate with North Korea as a distraction from looming domestic disasters. Inevitable that Netenyahu has booked his place on Donald’s Titanic.
3. Whoever thought differently?
Avi L.   (10.14.17)
Whoever thought differently?

Putin's USSR needs Iran's puppet Assad to secure Tartus naval base.

EU are bought by Iran's contracts, under the table cash and political glory.

Bibi is waving his tail.

So what's so strange?
4. Countries for and against the nuclear deal
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.17)
The countries that are in favor of the Iranian nuclear deal are countries who make a profit from having cosy relations with Iran.

The countries that are opposed to the Iranian nuclear deal are countries that are directly threatened by Iran's aggressive and expansionist policies.

That should tell everyone that this is a flawed deal.
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