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Canadian says child killed, US wife raped during Afghan kidnapping
The Associated Press
Published: 14.10.17, 12:04
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1. More Here Than Meets The Eye
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (10.14.17)
There's definitely more here than meets the eye. Nobody is that stupid to go hiking in Afghanistan on their honeymoon. Mr Boyle was also formerly married to the sister of Canada's most well know terrorist.
The story does not add up - claims of the family of 5 all being locked together in the trunk of a car in Pakistan (I'd like to see how 2 adults and 3 squirming children all fit in the trunk of the average Pakistani automobile) rescued by "heroic" Pakistani anti-terror forces.
How do a couple in brutal captivity manage to produce 4 children (one was allegedly killed by their captors)? Somehow brutal captivity and conjugal visits are an oxymoron.
Many of us in Canada are expecting the family to head straight for a lawyer to attempt to sue Canada for not doing enough to facilitate their release. No doubt they will be shopping around a book/movie deal, In the interim, I'm betting they will be heading straight for Social Services to seek government/taxpayer support (aka welfare + child benefits) as no doubt "they are too traumatized to work".

2. Anti-USA war voyeurs putting themselves in harms way.....
Shep ,   Memphis   (10.15.17)
I'm glad no U.S. servicemen had to risk their lives to save these people. As horrrible as their experience was, it appears like they were sympathizers with ISIS and theier "BS" adventure (not hiking, for sure) wasn't as well recieved as they thought they would be.
3. My father said the feeling you can "help" people is very
Rivkah   (10.16.17)
addictive. Missionary fever is like a virus that is hard to recover from but it is worth the effort to come to one's senses and do what is best for one's family first instead of putting them in harm's way in some far away land where the people hate you for sport.
4. Is he still a Muslim?
BBB   (10.17.17)
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