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Iranians, US officials against 'ridiculous' Trump speech
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Published: 14.10.17, 20:33
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1. Liberals support Iranian tyranny. May they meet the same end
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.15.17)
2. Pelosi likely IRGC agent, mentally ill, or both.
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.15.17)
3. In all honesty: the ayatollahs should start crapping their
Delphi   (10.15.17)
pants, or at least make sure they have a large supply of toilet paper.
Trump has started (as a slow trickle) a tsunami that will, given time, grow into biblical proportions.
Those who expected wham-bam-thank-you-Ma'am live in blissful lack of feel for reality in political developments.
Just as N.Korea & Iran didn't happen overnight, so will this (and slow disappearance of the "Palestinians") take certain period of time.
Witness the immense damage, one HBO wrecked on the world in 8 short years!
Correction, without violence, takes time. The "world" needs to be "disciplined" by a cop.
The Sheriff is back in town.
4. of course john kerry is upset with trump on iran
ian   (10.14.17)
kerry, whose daughter is married to an iranian and obama, whose sympathizes clearly lie with the moslem world hung their reputation on the iran deal. the problem is that even if they are now in compliance and that is debatable because muniz is not trustworthy, iran will break out quickly to a nucear weapon iin a few years. and the world will not be able to stop it. israel might be able but not under bibi or gabbay, both of whom shrink from any major undertaking, especially bibi. if i was his commander, i would have had him demoted. he has no military instincts.

trump is wild but is unfraid to confront bullies save for putin who may have something on trump.
5. rush key weapons to the kurds
gerald   (10.15.17)
iraq with support of john kerry's beloved iran are trying to squash the newly independent kurdistan, the only ones who fought isis. the iraqis ran at the first sign of troouble and left tons of weapoins in isis hands.
the kurds are deserving,t he iraqis have slaughtered and gassed them in the past, they don't mix period.

key countries shoujld quit with speeches and rush weapons to the kurds who will stand and fight. and israel should challenge any major operation of the turks and fight if necessary.

kurdistan is the key to middle east stabiliity and the arabs and iran know it.
6. Yeah Right- This was a good deal
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (10.15.17)
In fact there is nothing good about the deal
The way it was thrust on the USA is probably the worst thing about it and the lies that were spun around it as well as the way Obama had to go to the UNSC to get it approved cause Congress would have stopped it cold
Why are all the yay sayers silent to Irans expansionist behavior?
If war is not an option- why give Iran a free pass to terrorize the region?
7. Democrats and Muslims playing kissyface. Again.
Brad   (10.15.17)
This is more proof of the collusion that's been going on between the democrats and Muslims for decades. Nancy (I'll get you my pretty) Legosi might as well wear a Burka. Trump needs to finally do what he said he'd do and drain the swamp. There are way too many Obama turds imbedded in the bureaucracy and it's become a sewer. Reducing the size of the sewer would also help. As for the Muslims, well, no Muslims no problem,
IRANIAN JEW ,   LALA LAND   (10.17.17)
uselelss to us. The congress and its monkeys can shout at each other all they want. Obama wanted to give mre power to the mullahs and that is what exactly the deal did. The mullahs start playing nice with Israel then maybe things will change.
9. Bomb bomb bomb Iran
BBB   (10.17.17)
McCains' solution and...
I love it!!
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