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Bob Weinstein disavows 'predator' Hollywood mogul brother Harvey
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Published: 14.10.17, 22:30
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1. Criminal JewNazis protecting criminal JewNazis still
2. Until those harassed speak out nothing changes
Someone   (10.15.17)
If all those harassed speak out the entertainment industry is over.

How many more do we need and the amount who said they were sexually harassed as children is disgusting but known.

Maybe keeping the values we had was the right idea and so called progress and those pushing it are destroying the society
3. Stop rolling your eyes in dishonest shock& surprise. If not
Delphi   (10.15.17)
in Hollywood, where else did you expect this to be happening?
We are all guilty of using/pressuring each other to do things that are against our
real wishes and using our (relative) power to get our way.
Sexual terror is just one of those.
To be such a small-dick bully & use his position to force these ladies to do "things" instead of just wanking like the rest of us is such pathetic, lowly conduct.
If he actually raped (in full legal sense) , that's another ballgame.
At least: did it help someone's career....?
4. True face of ALL of dirty Hollywood
ironbutterfly ,   israel   (10.15.17)
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