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Young conservative Kurz on track to be Austrian leader
Published: 15.10.17, 19:28
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1. Ynet, and Jews need to wake up... Leftist recidivism...
JVC ,   LA, USA   (10.15.17)
is the greatest threat to planetary welfare since the Soviet Union.
2. Retirees
Jez ,   Netanya   (10.15.17)
If Austria can elect a youthful vigorous pm why do we have to put up with a pensioner PM. Prime ministers make decisions that impact for decades and they should be around to feel the effects. In every other walk of life their is succession planning and a realisation that new generations should set the Agenda. Except in Israel and Zimbabwe. In the US where they too have a pensioner PM his term is defined
3. he was waving, and then the agency picked that pics
epo   (10.15.17)
4. Congratulations Herr Kurz. Now get rid of Muslims in Austria
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.16.17)
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