Joint List leader condones attacks against IDF soldiers
Published: 15.10.17, 20:58
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1. israeli military court is acting for the arabs
harold   (10.15.17)
an arab prisoner stabs a prison guard with a screwdriver and gets an additional 2 years. Really?the prisoner intended to kill the prison guard. but because the guard was lightly injured, he only got 2 years. what about the intent?

israel cannot survive if its deterrence is not enforced.
2. he should run Joint shwarma stand with his brothers in Gaza
3. how is this different from Netanyahu's attack on the police?
4. 12 million Arabs expelled by Syria. Israel must do the same.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.16.17)
5. Im no lawyer..but his statement
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.16.17)
'Attacks on Israeli soldiers in the West Bank fall under the category of legitimate struggle against “occupation.”'

SOUNDS like incitement
LOOKS like incitement
SMELLS of incitement

Why is he getting away with it?
6. If they have the right to fight they have the right to die.
BBB   (10.16.17)
Sans $$ benefits to their terrorists families.

Israel IS Israel not another State of the Arab failed Arab States.

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