Likud MKs renew efforts to shield PM from investigation
Tova Tzimuki and Amihai Attali
Published: 16.10.17, 08:57
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1. Shielding the PM. About time. If the Police have not got
DT ,   TA Israel   (10.16.17)
something by now this is a "witch hut" and one should sue the police for victimazization.
2. no crook is immune
jess   (10.16.17)
liku d asskisalcoers are liining up to protect bibi and wife from alleged . the public is entitled to get a clean pm. olmert was not and deri was not. it is pathetic to see this defense of netanyahu, a crybaby who cannot withstand media pressure, who cannot withstand pressure from trump or obama that he has to get permission from trump for every house built,t hat he begs the world to take care of iran.

you see now that he is a crybaby, and a weakling, almost identical to herzog which is why he was going to give him the foreign minister.

it is high time israelis elected someone with some guts and courage, not these collection of ynet weaklings.
3. lies lies and lies to compensate
igal   (10.16.17)
to make up for his failure to live up to his commitments, bibi lies chronically to settler leaders on money for security and no of houses he intends to build. eveyr second word out of his mouth is a lie. oh, he is afraid to upset trumpp because he is afraid.

dagan and the flock should activey take care of their own security and build where they can on their own. they don't need permission from this liar.

when bibi says dint worry, we'll take care of iran, it is utter bs. firstly on his own, he has no instincts to map out such an attack. he has shown no military instincts as he sat on his rear end in the gaza wars, shapira duly noted.

so bibi does 2 things that you know about by now. he bellows and begs putin and trump to take care of iran, anybody but israel. and he lies his teeth off on ccommittments. this he does to compensate for his defects of character.

the brave commando-has anyone seen brave commando in this fearful person??? israel has seen no bravery from this fearful crybaby since he became pm.

vote for bennett.
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