BDS can actually be sued for damages
Benjamin Leventhal
Published: 19.10.17, 20:28
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1. Sue & charge the Jew bashing b*stards. Let's just do it!
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.19.17)
We certainly have the legal expertise to sue & charge the Jew bashing b*stards. Lets just do it!
2. Yeah, I'm sure South Africa had anti-boycott laws too LOL
3. Now you're talking!
BBB   (10.19.17)
Follow the money cash talks BS walks....
4. Why UNSC Resolution 2334 Is an Illegal Resolution
Marjorie S Rosenfeld ,   Plano, TX, USA   (10.23.17)
This is for Maggie Thompson.

Please see my article on UNSC Resolution 2334 at Canadians for Balfour 100:


There's no way in international law that this resolution could ever be enforced. In any case, it was a Chapter VI resolution and not a Chapter VII resolution, which is the only kind of binding resolution that can be made by the UN Security Council. Chapter VII resolutions have to do with maintaining peace between nations. But there is no nation called Palestine. All resolutions made by the UN other than Chapter VII resolutions made by the Security Council function only as recommendations.
5. BDS is also aiming at JEWISH origins
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (10.23.17)
regardless of the country. Therefore, BDS is basicall anti-Semitic and racist.

Having said that, I wish to remind the reader, that the BDS-Movement is supported by the HaAretz, by the "new Israel fund" NIF, Btselem, Breaking the Silence and other anti-Zionist NGOs.
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