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Trump says Iran deal could be terminated altogether
Published: 16.10.17, 22:17
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1. Horrible for the US?What about the rest of this blue planet?
Delphi   (10.17.17)
There's absolutely no peaceful/"diplomatic" way Iranians are going to abandon the Road to Bomb, as much as they're not likely to become Christians overnight.
So it's a foregone conclusion: the all-out war now, or in the future, when they just may possess nuclear weaponry?
2. New song new title
BBB   (10.17.17)

"Death to Iran."

A catching ditty....
3. Problem with Iran is its totalitarian genocidal regime
C   (10.17.17)
unfortunately, iran has a hetlerite regime.

we must never forget that hitler and stalin had a non-aggression pact.
these two monsters even collaborated on the destruction of poland
and the slaughter of millions of poles. even the ss and the nvkd
this pact contained secret annexes which decided the spheres of
influence of germany and the ussr in all of eastern europe.
as a result of this pact, stalin ordered all communist parties
to stop actions against the nazis.

hardly was the ink dry on this pact and secret annexes when
hitler invaded poland. after the swift defeat of france, hitler
started operation barbarossa, the invasion of russia.

neither hitler nor stalin had any intention to honour their
non-aggression pact. they each intended to exploit the other
side's weaknesses and take advantage of the secret annexes.

the hitler-stalin non-aggression pact is the most significant
example of negotiations by totalitarian states.
these hetlerite states never have a peaceful intention, nor
do they intend to keep their side of the bargain.

iran has no intention whatever of giving up its nuclear weapons
program. the iran deal is structured in such a way that the
other parties to the deal gain very little while iran gained
almost all of its wants.
the iran deal is in fact a violation of the npt since iran retains
the right to enrich uranium as per the deal itself.
all chapter vii unscr's were wiped out, illegally, by this deal
the little power that the united nations and the iaea had,
were significantly reduced.
indeed, while iran retains the essentials of its nuclear weapons
program and the right to produce nuclear weapons per the deal,
the un and the iaea were deprived of their rights to enforce
the npt with regard to iran. for this reason, the deal is much
worse than what is thought of even by its opponents.
4. Yeah, whatever ...
Avi L.   (10.17.17)
5. No need to terminate.
Brad   (10.18.17)
No such thing as a deal. If Obama could've gotten the senate to ratify this pig he would've sent it to the senate and had himself a Treaty. But he knew the senate was too intelligent for him, and went about to do it alone, which the president has no power to do. Therefore Obama did nothing, and the result was nothing. No deal exists, so we're already out of it. Now the only thing left to do is throw Obama in the slammer for unilaterally unfreezing billions of dollars and sending them to Iran.
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