Labor chairman rebuked over settlement support
Moran Azulay
Published: 16.10.17, 23:38
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1. Free Israel from Labor & its evil Two State Final Solution
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.17.17)
It is good to watch Labor hitch its future to the evil, sinking Two State Final Solution; which envisions turning Israel into a 9 mile wide concentration camp. Israel is on the road to freedom from both abominations at once.
2. This quasi-"socialist" Gabai understands, that in today's
Delphi   (10.17.17)
Israel anyone wanting to survive politically has to abandon the insane notions of Rabbinesque/Peresque Piss-Processing and at least appear like a proud patriot (namely all the rightist voters).
The idiots in his (for the moment) party have not grasped this.
They stick to the "principles" instead of reality& sanity.
So much better for the rest of us :-))
3. The Likud guy who became Labor chairman, right?
Avi L.   (10.17.17)
4. livni the lawyer has no idea on how to negotiate
geroge   (10.17.17)
rarely has a more dysfunctional person been elected t the knesset than livni. her track record is a big zero.

gabbay who is trying to set out a fresh approach is slammed down by livni and co for daring to say that settlements will not be abandoned. and they should not regardless of the scare tactics. livni was so enamored by her Arab interlocutors that she is negotiating their position. gabbay of course should declare that he would not withdraw from even withdraw from 1 cm of land. Israelis blood paid for it. negotiations are another thing. and if the arabs don't want to negotiate without concessions in advance, then there will be no negotiations period.actually the paradigm should be reversed. it is the arabs who have to make concessions to israelis.

livni shows herself to be dogmatic, inflexible and doesn't know how the real world operates. what a disgrace!

no wonder erekat was an admirer of livni's.
5. Gabbai is just another directionless wannabe leader
Disillusioned   (10.17.17)
Didn't get far with Likud so off to Kulanu. Didn't get far with Kulanu, so try Labor. When he doesn't go far with Labor, he might want to try just going back to big business - where he didn't do much good for Bezeq either.

He has no direction, so it's a bit of this, and a bit of that, and in the end, all of nothing.
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