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Trump caught lying that Obama didn't call bereaved families
Published: 17.10.17, 22:45
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1. To Joseph Pitaru
Brad   (10.18.17)
Answer: No. Obama will never shut up.
2. Muslim Obama had to be shamed to call fallen Christians
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.18.17)
3. Some of this presidential "stuff" is really difficult, some
Delphi   (10.18.17)
very easy& straightforward.
Why the hell create bad publicity for yourself when you can easily do the right/righteous thing and come out smelling like roses?
Bad advice is one thing, but bad decisions ....?
4. Trump doesn't know how to be presidential, blames Obama
Trump doesn't know what he signed up for, if he did he wouldn't have bothered signing up.
5. Trump destroying US, America stands strong.
6. Us Amendment 25 already! just do it!
7. A dangerous buffoon is one thing
Bertram ,   London, UK.   (10.18.17)
Those who either openly or tacitly support him because of their pathological hatred of Obama is another.
8. General John Kelly lost a son in Afghanistan and was not
Rivkah   (10.18.17)
called by BO nor was his wife called by BO. BO probably murdered General Kelly's son by his insane policies of not being able to shoot Islamic militants first. One must be shot and killed or wounded to be sure the Islamic is radical even if in a war zone. The families of those killed during BO's watch were not thankful he contacted them after BO caused the deaths of so many Americans since BO is and was a radical Muslim himself and wanted the US troops to die. Why hasn't BO been charged with treason?
9. Leftist Jews attack friendly Trump & revere hateful Obama
Chaim ,   Israel   (10.18.17)
Once again, crazy leftist Jews attack Trump, although he is a proven friend of Israel and Jews. Trump is the one who stands up for Israel at the U.N. Trump is the one who pulled America from UNESCO because of its hatred of Jews and Israel. Trump is the one who is stopping Jew hating Muslims from inundating America...

The same idiotic leftist Jews, who attack Trump, revere Obama although Obama is a proven foe and harms Israel every chance he gets. Obama is the one who helped Iran go nuclear.

As for reports that "Trump lied"...we have seen many such media reports before. Upon investigation, they are almost always proven false.
10. This the best scandal material you could muster up?
Cameron   (10.19.17)
You'll not drop the King shooting small-time arrows like this at him.

Step yer media game up, YNET.
11. Trump caught lying? how 'shocking'! he only does it 24/7
Rafi ,   US   (10.19.17)
12. Speaking of lies "If you like your Dr."
BBB   (10.20.17)
obozo was the bottom of the POTUS barrel.

I hate obozo he was an enemy of not only Israel but of America.
13. How would you know? KKK began by democrats.
BBB   (10.20.17)
I doubt you are with the President 24/7.
14. Americans also hate Obozo.
BBB   (10.20.17)
15. # 5 No name please explain what you meant?
Stock markets up, unemployment is down and Trump is a man not some questionable 'bathhouse' Barry married to a tranny.
Is THAT what you meant?
16. AMEN Steve!
BBB   (10.20.17)
I surrender Obozo what a POS.
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