Iran's military chief: Israel can't violate Syria anytime it wants
Published: 18.10.17, 13:15
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1. iran needs to do what it has been saying all this time. just
David ,   Herzliya   (10.18.17)
iran needs to do what it has been saying all this time. just do it already.
2. Iran is a paper tiger. They don't dare challenging IDF.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.18.17)
3. Syria is Iran's new whore
Philip Gold ,   London , UK   (10.18.17)
NO touch!!
Bashar Assad is feeling it in the butt , it seems that he likes it. :-) :-)
4. Yes it can.
Brad   (10.18.17)
Irans military chief needs to close his pie hole before Israel turns its attention to Iran.
5. israel will do anytime what it needs to do
gandjian   (10.18.17)
if the illegal entity in teheran wants to block israel in syria, go ahead-lets go to combat. under lieberman, israel is not netanyahu. leberman will take down your whole country if that needs to be done. bibi of course cannot do any big project but he takes a back seat and does not call the shots on military action.

teheran, go ahead, start trouble near israel and see what happens to you.
6. Israel does not take orders from genocidal Shia terror regim
C   (10.18.17)
israel does what she needs to protect herself against the threats of
annihilation coming from the genocidal shia terror regime.

this vicious rogue terror regime should know that the jewish state
has a well armed and strong army.
the mossad is keeping a very close eye on all aspects of the terror regime.
7. Israel can do any thing she damn chooses.
BBB   (10.19.17)
Who's going to stop her?
8. Where's Waldo? AKA Mark 'the donut' Sherry?
BBB   (10.19.17)
At the donut shop or at the Dr's office for a blocked bowel to match his blocked brain?

Either way, nice to NOT see the blimp for a change.
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