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US, Israel urge UN to adopt Trump’s comprehensive approach to Iran
Associated Press
Published: 18.10.17, 20:40
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1. UN is an enemy of the US and of Israel
C   (10.18.17)
the un is a corrupt anti-western terror supporting organisation.

the un has never accomplished anything to further peace and
human rights.

many members of the un are dictatorships and gross violators
of human rights. some members commit crimes against
humanity. yet they are neither punished nor expelled.
2. Nikki Haley
john ,   toronto   (10.19.17)
US Amb. to UN Haley tells Security Council Israel 'has repeatedly thumbed its nose' at council resolutions aimed at addressing Israeli occupation saying 'this must stop'.

In a less Orwellian world.
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (10.19.17)
Why are the EU and UN SILENT about Lebanon

Just imagine
Half or Irelend taken over by IRA Militias from which they launch their own wars of attrition and fire missiles against the UK without so much as a murmer from the Irish Government?

IMPOSSIBLE you would say

But that is EXACTLY what Hezbollah-Iran is doing in Lebanon turning Lebanon into their military dump and war zone from which to launch their OWN wars in the Middle East and project their hegemonic ambitions toward Cyprus for their offshore resources, Israel. Gaza, Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan and Turkey

Using Lebanon as a DISPOSABLE base and waste ground

How in all conscience can the UN and EU simply stay silent while this abomination continues?

4. There is NO palestine
BBB   (10.19.17)
Soon, hopefully, there'll be no UN at least NOT in America.
5. # 2 John Stay in Toronto and enjoy your Muslims
BBB   (10.19.17)
6. Ateve Benassi Amen Buddy!!
BBB   (10.19.17)
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