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‘Healing Ink’: Tattoo artists cover terror victims’ scars
Gil Korotki
Published: 21.10.17, 23:33
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1. HaShem FORBIDS tattooing the body. This is EVIL. Better to
Rivkah   (10.22.17)
have scars than tattoos. The ink in tattoos contains lead which is toxic to the brain and body and lowers the I.Q. Fade out the tattoos with ozonated olive oil applied repeatedly until it fades.
2. Confucius said the end of an age or civilization is characte
Rivkah   (10.22.17)
characterized by tattooing (marking the body), piercing the skin with metal objects, and heavy downbeat music. Tattooing is EVIL and is AGAINST the will of haShem.
3. Ignorant or simply declaring "I disconnect from Jewish Peopl
Tattoo=SelfHate ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.27.17)
No better way to make a statement that I am either totally ignorant
of Jewish Civilization and tradition or that I arrogantly declare
I hate Jews I hate myself. One of the most serious prohibitions
in the Hebrew Scriptures for millennia no Jew had a tattoo until
the Holocaust Tatooing is in Western Culture associated with
the very lowest of social classes perhaps its good for the
proud Jew to see and know who these people are , people
with serious psychological and or rabid self hate. What a tragedy
these troubled people saw no other solution to their pain.
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