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Quebec lawmakers pass law obliging citizens to uncover faces
Associated Press
Published: 19.10.17, 22:21
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1. Way to go Quebec! Now kick the Muslims out too.
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (10.20.17)
2. Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon says a harlot is a veiled woman.
Rivkah   (10.20.17)
Harlot can mean sexually immoral or a false religion. Women should be thankful to be forced to remove the stigma of harlotry from their faces. Most religions are harlot religions that teach commandments of men instead of doctrines of haShem. Judah the Patriarch was deceived by his daughter in law Tamar who dressed like a harlot (put on a burka with face veil). Satan turns a lot of things backwards from what haShem says is holy. A veiled face is an unholy attire but Satan has convinced Muslims it is holy to have a veiled face.
3. If only Muslim women knew
BBB   (10.20.17)
the origins of the veil.
There's a story in the old testament of Tamar and Judah where she wears the dress of a prostitute, veil to cover her face.

Hello, any body home?
4. #2 Bingo!
BBB   (10.20.17)
Islam IS Satan's play pen.
5. This is Good News.
Tova ,   Canada   (10.20.17)
It won't change anything. the Trudeau government is very much pro-Islam. They can remove their face covering, But you can be sure it won't stop Canada become becoming an islamic state with Trudeau in power.
6. The Veil is not Islamic
Tova ,   Canada   (10.22.17)
Veil coverings have nothing to do with prostitution. Veils were forced upon women in many cultures - It was consdiered protection against men who otherwise may rape women. It was forced upon married women so no man may look upon the face of the wife except for the husband. Veils have been worn for thousdands of years. In the middle east, India and as far as China. The veil also prortected men and women in the desert.

Mohammed then forced women to where the veil as an obedenice to him and their false godd

for women in ancient times was so no man may see the face of women

Today muslin women wear the veil as a surrender to Islam.
Today ultra orthodox women wear wigs and that is also wrong. This was forced upon Jewish women by Jewish men and has nothing to do with Judaism.

As for the story of Tamar and Judah they wore the veil of a prostitute - meaning a veil belonging to one women. Not all women who wore veils or wigs were prostitute. As al women wore them,
7. Veil IS a dress of prostitutes
BBB   (10.22.17)
Read about Judah and Tamar for your reality check.
Even way back then women wore a veil to conceal their identity for they WERE prostitutes.
Of course Islam incorporated this insult to her females.

Islam seems to hate females.
8. # 6 Tova
BBB   (10.22.17)
better read about Tamar and Judah again.
She wore the veil as a Prostitute.

Stop spouting such nonsense.

And NO not all women wore them. Silly notion not based on fact.
9. Read Genesis 38: 15
BUILD BABY BUILD !!!   (10.22.17)
"When Judah saw her, ( Tamar)
he thought her to be a harlot; because she had covered her face."

Can't get more exacting or a better explanation than that!!!!

Read on and see why.
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