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Haredi protest leader: 'We scorn Israel'
Ynet reporters
Published: 20.10.17, 11:20
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1. enough
aaron ,   Hezliyah   (10.20.17)
there is a Major difference between the so called Haredim and the works in Hafia and the disabled. Those groups are protesting to get something they think they deserve as part of Israeli society. These guys think the deserve something because they are above Israeli society. They believe the lives of their children are more important than ours. They know full well that claiming all students learning Torah are exempt is a total distortion of Halacha. The only way they can justify it is because they do not see Israel as a true Jewish state. It is time to look at why we let people vote who do not recognize the legitimacy of the state. Let them work, let them pay taxes even let them avoid the army but don't let them get to decide our future. They have to decide whether or not they want to be part of Am Yisrael or to continue to think they are better than everyone
2. And if the door whacks you in the behind on your way out...
Aviela ,   Migron   (10.20.17)
then so goes it. This isn't the Soviet Union. If you detest Israel so much, you're free to leave. Good luck.
3. Reciprocal Respect
Lorraine   (10.20.17)
Don't these people receive government-funded (meaning Israeli tax-payer funded) compensation for devoting their lives to prayer rather than work (the kollel system)? Isn't any reciprocal respect required?
4. Disrupting the public order to show their "power"
Israeli Grandma ,   Jerusalem   (10.20.17)
George Orwell must be laughing in his grave at the distortion of language used by these so-called religious Jews. If they think that the Israeli police are Nazis etc. they can pick up and go live in another country (Galus) where they will have to live on their earnings or shnorr sources and stop being a burden on the Israeli taxpayer. True Torah-Jews should be sharing the national burdens, not demonstrating against their fellow citizens and its defence forces, and interfering with the free movement of the public going about its legitimate business.
By the way, I have 4 grandsons who have learned in Hesder Yeshiva, done their duty as combat soldiers, and returned to continue a religious lifestyle
5. So stop providing services for them!
doda ,   givatayim   (10.20.17)
Where do they live?
Don't send army or police to protect them!
Don't send ambulances or firebrigade to aid them!
Refuse other services given by the state such as for example
economical benefits!
6. Zucker, I scoen persons such as you are
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (10.20.17)
and I consider you as an unnecessary person. Israel and Jews do not need you.
7. Video doesn't lie
David ,   New york   (10.20.17)
What I saw of these protests was nonviolent protest by Haredim and cops acting in hatred.
"Who wants. Bullet?"
Is that how a policeman is supposed to handle protesters?
8. Send them elsewhere.
BUILD BABY BUILD !!   (10.20.17)
They don't deserve the honor of being called Jews.
9. Try that in any other country!
Ben ,   Harrisburg   (10.20.17)
Does anyone think these people would be doing this in Russia, the UK or the US in the event of a draft? Apparently they feel it is OK to do so in Israel, the nation they scorn. There is plenty of solid biblical justification for military service, there is in fact a specific obligation. They have no moral, ethical, legal or religious leg to stand on for their behavior. They are wrong on all counts!
10. Scorn...loaded meaning
Tim ,   Brighton   (10.20.17)

So he chooses to hold all Israel and all Israelis IN CONTEMPT for maintaining equal rights and responsibilities to the state and each other

Drunk with perverted arrogance and ignorance...Is this HIS Judaism
11. haredi waste of country
alan ash ,   trenton   (10.20.17)
they have no clue what is going in the world. living in poverty and they have the nerve to kame the sate allocate money to this.
all protest expenses should be deducted from the yeshiva allowances.
12. scorn your disgrace.
alan ash ,   trenton   (10.20.17)
why live in a country that u scorn. its nice getting a free ride and staying as a disgrace
13. Scroungers gunavim
martin ,   Huntingdon UK   (10.20.17)
This 'Rabbi' should not scorn the hand that feeds him. A pity that he is unwilling to fight with all his strength the enemy who wish to slaughter him and all Jewish people. They are not just scroungers, they are also cowards.
If they do not wish to fight, they can become medics on the front line of battle to save lives. Even breaking shabbat to save a life is the most important aspect.
I have no respect for these people whatsoever. If they refuse to go into the IDF, all benefits must stop accordingly. Make them work for a change.
14. Israel should stop protecting them and feeding them
C   (10.20.17)
the haredi rabbis were always willing to sacrifice the people for their own
belief system. this belief system has nothing to do with the laws of moses.
15. Time to Teach these Idiots a Lesson
Moshe ,   Givataim   (10.20.17)
16. Ship Them Out
DSM ,   USA   (10.25.17)
They should be rounded up and shipped to Gaza with no protection from the country they scorn
17. Where would these idiots like to live?
BBB   (10.25.17)
Any place but Israel?
So move already!
18. De-fang these good-for-nothing pretenders once and for all!
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